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POSTED: 7th April 2015
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Aldermore counts down the Twitter accounts to follow for up-to-date information on pensions and retirement savings.

undefinedThe start of the new financial year on 6 April 2015 also marks the launch of a number of regulatory changes that will give savers a much wider range of financial options to plan for their retirement. In particular, new drawdown rules will enable individuals to access savings they have invested into a defined contribution pension scheme as and when they like, subject to the conditions of their financial provider.

While experts have welcomed this move to grant savers greater control over their own future, the complexity of regulation and the uncertainty of forecasting for the future can make calculating the best course of action a complicated task. As many savers will be seeking guidance to better understand the new rules, Aldermore has put together a list of some accounts to follow on Twitter for regular news and guidance to help savers build up their nest egg.

  1. @paullewismoney
  2. @KatieMorley
  3. @PensionGeeks 
  4. @MoiraONeill 
  5. @ILCUK  
  6. @pensionlawyeruk
  7. @Tanya_Jefferies 
  8. @MatthewWalne
  9. @Brian_Flindall
  10. @dontdelay
  11. @pcollinson
  12. @pensionspaul
  13. @Blowsie84 
  14. @martinbamford
  15. @Cunningham_UK
  16. @InvestSensibly
  17. @CharlesMCotton
  18. @johnlappin
  19. @MickMcAteer
  20. @PensionsGuru
  21. @iancowie
  22. @nick_reeve
  23. @Saq_Pensions
  24. @DebiODonovan
  25. @RobertJGardner
  26. @ChrisDaems

Who do you turn to for pensions advice? Let Aldermore know if you think any other retirement saving experts deserve a place on the list.

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