Ian Digby from The Pensions Regulator answers common small business questions on auto-enrolment

POSTED: 8th April 2015
IN: General

With many SMEs likely to be affected by auto-enrolment legislation in the next few years, Aldermore has invited Ian Digby from the Pensions Regulator to answer frequently asked questions.

undefinedAuto-enrolment legislation is gradually being rolled out to businesses across Britain and will apply to all employers who had a PAYE Scheme as at 1 April 2012 by 2018. In order to help SMEs understand how the changes will affect their business and what they can do to prepare, Ian Digby from The Pensions Regulator has joined Aldermore to answer common auto-enrolment questions.

Q. How can small businesses discover whether auto-enrolment changes will apply to them in 2015?

Q. Which employees will auto-employment regulations apply to?

Q. What are the auto-enrolment regulations if my businesses doesn't pay a worker directly?

Q. Does a company that does not have any workers have to do anything under auto-enrolment?

Q. What are small businesses required to provide for their employees under automatic enrolment?

Q. How should small businesses assess their employees for auto-enrolment?

Q. What pension contributions will a small business have to pay under auto-enrolment?

Q. How can businesses choose the most appropriate pension scheme for their employees?


Q. What can small businesses facing changes do to prepare for automatic enrolment?


Q. How will automatic enrolment changes be rolled out beyond 2015?

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