The SKILL! Programme creator Patrick Philpott talks to Aldermore about how the programme inspires young business talent

POSTED: 25th April 2013
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Ahead of Aldermore's involvement in the latest SKILL! Programme workshop, the programme's creator Patrick Philpott explains how the Bank could be helping future business leaders to launch their career.

"I started SKILL! Programme and it's a series of intensive workshops that allow young people to develop their core skills by taking part in an enterprise challenge," said Philpott. "What we hope is from that process, these students will be developing a range of core skills that will enhance their employability and support their future development, whether that's a professional or vocational career."

As a champion of the small business community, Aldermore is aware of the huge contribution SME owners make to the UK economy through investing personal time and effort into their businesses. Alongside providing dedicated financial services for these organisations, Aldermore are delighted to have the opportunity to help the next generation of business leaders cultivate the skills they need to succeed through participating in the SKILL! Programme.

At the event, Aldermore's Head of Strategy, Mark Robson, will join a panel of three other business leaders to offer feedback and advice to a team of young students pitching their solutions to a business problem.

"The day itself will see students working in small teams and supported by corporate mentors; in this case from Aldermore bank," affirms Philpott. "In all our events we bring together a panel of three or four business experts. They can be experts in a particular field or sometimes successful entrepreneurs who've got a lot of general business experience to impart."

In addition to Robson's contribution, Digital Business specialist Adrian Bott of Osborne Clarke, Real Business Magazine founder Matthew Rock and corporate finance expert Nicola Martin will form the panel. With their comprehensive range of expertise and experience, these four eminent business specialists will push the students to deliver a more developed, effective presentation as a response to the day's challenge.  

As Philpotts summarises;

"The whole process is designed to help them develop their problem solving, communication, personal and teamwork skills all in the space of a very intensive one day learning program."

Aldermore eagerly anticipate seeing what the young attendees will deliver at the session and hope to hear a lot more from these rising business talents in the future.

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