Got a complex buy-to-let problem?

A trip round Wales for Chris Symons and his wife resulted in a dramatic change in occupation. The couple swapped from being children’s playground designers and pub landlords to residential landlords with 15 properties across the country.

Key points:

  • Experienced landlords required remortgaging to quickly expand their portfolio
  • Wanted to make property income their primary income source
  • Complex property portfolio with both commercial and residential properties
  • Unbiased underwriting decisions made

Hearing ‘no’ when you’re trying to grow

The Symons had started their property portfolio in Kent, with mortgages obtained from the usual high street providers. But when it came to remortgaging some of Chris’s existing buy-to-let properties to expand their portfolio, the usual high street providers declined the applications. Despite promises from various brokers to find a lender, Chris was struggling to get the funding he needed.

Finding a lender who can help

Chris spent two years approaching numerous lenders to remortgage his properties – both of them without success. So he started to look for alternative mortgage providers, and one of his contacts mentioned Aldermore. After searching on the web for more information, Chris decided to contact the bank directly and spoke to one of their buy-to-let advisors.

Getting the chance you deserve

"It was like a breath of fresh air speaking to Aldermore,” said Chris. “I explained my situation to one of the advisors and she immediately said “Yes we can help, how many properties are you looking to remortgage?” I was bowled over. I had battled for two years to sort out the issues we had faced. To find a provider and within five minutes of speaking to them, to be given a yes was amazing – and of course a fantastic relief. I could finally start to develop my business as we had planned.

Only a lender who did not use automated credit scoring systems could help with the challenges of Chris’s situation. The advisor and the underwriting team worked together to review the whole situation, including Chris’s credit profile, experience and plans to grow his portfolio. The Property profile wasn’t exactly simple, with both standard buy-to-lets and more complex HMO’s. But Aldermore’s team remained unfazed. The speed of the transactions astounded Chris too, so much so he has said he wouldn’t consider using anyone else in the future.

See what our Bank can do for you…

If you would like to find out more about how Aldermore could help you achieve your property aspirations, you can read more by visiting or you can speak to one of our team of Buy to Let experts directly by calling 0333 321 1001.

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