10 expert tips you should adopt to avoid a cash flow crisis

POSTED: 28th September 2016
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Have you ever found yourself short on the funds to pay your supplier or struggling to purchase stock because you’re awaiting payment from a previous job? This scenario is actually more common than you might think, yet rectifying it can be fairly simple – it’s all down to cash flow management.

Keeping cash in your business is essential as, without it, companies can struggle to pay for stock, payroll and expenses that aid continuing operations. Maintaining a healthy cash flow, however, is easier said than done, as many businesses struggle to keep up-to-date with what’s going in and out of their accounts at any one time. You’re not alone if you often rely on overdrafts and credit cards to keep afloat until your next payment comes in.

To avoid this, and to help encourage further business growth, we’ve asked our invoice finance experts about what can help aid positive cash flow. Not surprisingly, there are a number of practices you can easily introduce to help keep cash in your business, from simple habits such as better planning and negotiation, to alternative ways to increase sales. 

To help guide you towards a more successful future and remove the worry often accompanying cash flow management, we’ve devised a simple infographic which shows how you can keep cash in your business.



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