Seven of the best personal finance resources from around the web

POSTED: 25th March 2014
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To get the most bang for your buck, organisation is key. There are some great personal finance tools available on the web, but with so many to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start.

We've collated some of the most useful resources from the web so you can kick start 2014 from a strong financial footing.

  1. 1.    Google Docs Templates

There are some great personal finance templates available on Google Docs. These are free to access and adapt for your own purposes, and the best part is that they're rated by other users, so you can be sure you're picking a reliable tool.

To start you off, we've collated some of the highest-rated templates from the cloud platform:

  1. 2.    Personal Budget Planner

Money Saving Expert Budget Planner

 This is an easy-to-use personal budget tool that essentially determines whether or not you're living within your means and how much you can afford to save.

  1. 3.    Personal Debt Budgeting Tool

Citizen's Advice Bureau Budgeting Tool

This comprehensive personal budgeting tool helps you to collate all household and everyday expenses in one place, resulting in a financial statement, which can be used to determine a course of action for paying down debt and come to a sensible agreement with creditors.

  1. 4.    Group Expenses Calculator

Short Reckonings Calculator

Even the best friendships are tested when it comes to payment of group pursuits.

"I'll pay-"

"No let me get it!"

"But you put more towards the Jacob's Join last Easter…"  

If you're planning a group holiday or activity, this nifty tool is a great way to track who's paid for what and when, and how much they're owed by the rest of the group.

  1. 5.    Seasonal Calculators

The Money Advice Service Calculators

As well as offering a great comprehensive personal budget calculator, The Money Advice Service creates a range of seasonal tools for working out how to budget for annual expenses like Christmas, summer holidays and back to school.

  1. 6.    Mortgage Affordability Calculator

This is Money Mortgage Calculator

Knowing how much you can afford to spend on a house is the first port of call when deciding whether to buy or not. This is Money's instant and easy calculator can tell you roughly how much your monthly mortgage bill would be on your dream property in seconds.

  1. 7.    Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Locoblade's Excel Mortgage Spreadsheet

Although not 100% accurate (the calculations are based on Excel formulas that can't account for the varying length of months, for example), this Excel download is a great tool for either getting a good indication of the monthly repayments on your chosen mortgage, or comparing deals.

Whatever your personal finance requirements, good organisation is fundamental to gleaning the best results. For more information about Aldermore personal savings or mortgages, visit our product pages.



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