How to manage staff holidays

POSTED: 7th June 2013
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The holiday season is nearly upon us which can be cause difficulties for firms when planning their resources for the summer.

undefinedThere are a number of ways that a company can organise their resources to ensure that employees, including the owners, are able to take a holiday over the summer months.

Set up a holiday planner

The first step is to set up a holiday planner if you have not already done so. If your company is small, you may not have a dedicated human resources (HR) department and if this is the case this task should be managed by the employee that usually looks after annual leave entitlement.

Ask staff to book holiday in advance

This allows a business to plan and ensure that cover is available. A firm could ask all employees to give a month or two months notice on holiday absences that last for a week or more so that there is time to plan.

Organise a ‘buddy’ system

This is a good way of ensuring cover in individual departments. If you have eight people in one part of your firm, then ask them to pair up and ensure that they look after the work of colleagues when they are on holiday.

It may mean a busy period for an employee when they are covering, but most employees are happy to do this if they know the favour will be returned.

Identify if certain departments are busier than normal over the summer

If your business is seasonal or the summer is especially busy for one area of your business, then special arrangements may be required.

Consider limiting holiday entitlement

This could include limiting or even banning holiday entitlement for a certain period.

Is overtime or hiring extra temporary staff an option?

Other alternatives are to introduce or extend overtime to ensure vital orders are completed or essential business services and operational capabilities are maintained.

Another potential solution is to hire additional temporary staff to cover staff holiday absence or to ensure that all work is complete over a particularly busy period.

Management holiday entitlement

The management team should consult and communicate to ensure that the right leadership is in place through the summer months by taking holidays at different times.


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