Finding the right blend

How we helped a Scottish Whiskey Company with an invoice finance facility.

Understanding finance requirements

Campbell Meyer & Company Ltd produces many brands of the finest Scotch whisky including McIvor, Barclays and Hart Brothers which are bottled and shipped across the world.

Understanding their finance requirements allowed us to create a bespoke invoice finance package to meet business needs.

From highland spring to traditional distillation

Scotch whisky has seen its exports grow in recent years, with demand rising in both mature and emerging markets. Campbell Meyer & Company Ltd has witnessed the surge in demand first-hand. Although the company has expanded to meet that demand, operating an export-based business model means that many of Campbell Meyer’s customers pay on credit purchases.

Seeking out a financing facility

Often, finances can be stretched for Campbell Meyer as overseas customers can take weeks or even months to pay billed invoices. Chasing up those invoice finances can be an arduous process that eats up company resources better spent elsewhere. Campbell Meyer & Company Ltd therefore decided to seek out a financing facility to ensure that the company’s cashflow remained steady at all times.

Gerry McSherry, Managing Director of Campbell Meyer, explains: “We export our brands to various markets in the world and many of our customers prefer to rely on credit to purchase our stock. We are thankful for their custom but it does means that our finances can be tight on occasion. Using invoice finance makes perfect sense for our business."

 “Thanks to Aldermore’s help, Campbell Meyer is now planning ahead and can start to push through our long-term growth plans. I would happily recommend Aldermore to any small business that needs quick and affordable funding.” Gerry McSherry, Managing Director of Campbell Meyer


We were introduced to Aldermore through a broker, but we were well aware of them beforehand as they have a growing reputation for providing finance to businesses. Some of our suppliers are even customers of Aldermore themselves. Our requirements were explained to them and they provided us with answer very swiftly – the whole process from initial enquiry to delivery was just a few weeks! The invoice finance facility has given us a strong level of working capital meaning that our cashflow is much more steady.

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