The UK’s most inspiring workspaces

POSTED: 5th March 2014
IN: Business news

Aldermore looks at four businesses that understand the impact a well-designed workspace can have on employee morale and the business as a whole.

For small businesses in particular, motivated employees can be one of the most important determinants of overall success.

Team members that feel engaged in their working environment naturally approach their role with a greater level of enthusiasm and commitment, achieving better results and casting the business in a more positive light.

As a result, workplace design can have far-reaching consequences for the company, and some businesses have started to see the value of investing in offices that make their employees actively look forward to work.

For Ubiquitous Manchester, a digital agency in the North West, the workplace is something more than simply a place to work. Founders Andy Buchan and Neil Boote wanted their company's office to represent the heart of their company: Craft. The office is a former warehouse, now renovated into a sleek, loft-style space with luxurious wood panelling.

Innocent Smoothies invest in specific schemes and initiatives in order to maintain a happy workplace environment. Most recently, the company has invested in an ironing board after a staff member complained their bike commute was crumpling their clothes. You can find more about Innocent in this video below:



Manchester server hosting company Melbourne Hosting adopts a 'home' theme for its offices, offering staff a comfortable working environment. The reception is designed in the style of a living room area, and the business recommends their employees to take regular breaks with a 3D TV, an Xbox and Scalectrix. Mind Candy is the business behind the Moshi Monsters series.

Michael Acton Smith, founder, uses the office to invite visitors to experience the atmosphere of the company. Employees and visitors alike are both encouraged to colour in a monster on the office walls, while waiting rooms come complete with comfy furniture. Padded booths are used for meetings in order to encourage employees to feel comfortable while at work.



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