Fixed Rate Savings Account

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Protect your hard-earned savings from interest rate fluctuations with our fixed rate savings account - sometimes known as a fixed rate bond. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how much interest you'll earn day in, day out.

TermGross Annual Interest (%)Gross Monthly Interest (%)AER* (%)
1 Year1.501.491.50Open an Account
2 Year1.851.831.85Open an Account
3 Year2.001.982.00Open an Account
4 Year2.752.722.75Open an Account
5 Year3.002.963.00Open an Account

* AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

Key benefits

  • Peace of mind - know exactly what interest rate you'll earn for a set period and we will personally write to you before your account matures
  • Transparent - our competitive rates aren't artificially inflated by bonuses or introductory offers
  • Fast and easy setup - open an account, complete identity checks and move your money in minutes
  • Open an account with just £1,000
  • Easy to manage - do it online, by phone or by post
  • Great value - no fees or charges for day-to-day account services

 Things you need to know

  • We guarantee to pay the interest rates shown (or the higher rates if we have increased them) provided that we receive your completed account opening form and initial deposit within ten business days. After this time, we will pay the prevailing rate on the day that we receive your application.
  • Once you've made your opening deposit you won't be able to make any more deposits or withdrawals, or close your savings account before the maturity date. (However, please give us a call in the event of hardship)
  • You should keep at least £1,000 in your account at any one time (a gross interest rate of 0.50% will be paid on balances below this amount)
  • You simply need to be aged 18 years or over, resident in the UK and only liable to pay tax in the UK
  • To view full terms and conditions please click here


Managing your account with us is simple and straightforward. Check our
Key Features for more information on how your account works.

Fees and charges

You won't have to pay any fees or charges, although there may be a small charge for non-standard services - check our tariff of charges for more details.

Award Winning Fixed Rate AccountsMoneyfacts Awards - Best Bank Savings Porvider 2013

We’re extremely proud to be awarded ‘Best Bank Savings Provider’ for our straightforward and rewarding savings accounts.

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Ratings & Reviews

1233 out of 1315 reviewers would recommend products in this category

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 1 Year

  • Just what I wanted janjan3

    I have another account with Aldermore, so I already knew how efficient they are with good rates as well. So simple, to open accounts and very polite helpful staff.


    19 Sep 2014

  • so easy to open account mountaingoat52

    It was so easy to open account and also the service is excellent. There interest rate is good


    14 Sep 2014

  • Quick and Efficient Crystal48

    This is the second account that I have opened with Aldermore recently. I dealt with them by phone and by post which I found much easier than actually going into one of the high street banks. The staff were very courteous and very knowledgeably about their products. I hope to stay with Aldermore for years to come.


    12 Sep 2014

  • Seems good so far. Early days still Cassius

    Liked contact by mail which last account didn't do and pretty clear instructions. Bit early in a one year contract to be asked for a customer review though!


    08 Sep 2014

  • good service. Straight forward explanations. biggles

    I am a fairly new customer but I appreciate the lack of complex security data, and it is refreshing to talk to someone who gives replies in language which is easy to comprehend.


    05 Sep 2014

  • Exemplary business model operating smoothly Aviator01

    Opening several accounts after the nuisance of other huge banks performing poorly; Aldermore was a welcome change. Efficient, speedy in customer service, and preserving the highest security practices, it is difficult to praise this Bank too highly.


    04 Sep 2014

  • Good fit for the mini portfolio Dost

    Very pleased with the ease and simplicity of opening the account.


    03 Sep 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 2 Year

  • Just what I was looking for CaL14

    Had been watching the various options available for safe yet good investment opportunity and chose Aldermore again. Good over the phone information and help in opening an account. Also easy online access to account. Altogether, a good experience.


    12 Sep 2014

  • Easy and convenient Blackcat14

    Easy, simple and hassle free account opening. Great service and efficient. Good rate of interest, slightly better than competitors. Great communication.


    10 Sep 2014

  • conned sucker

    Interest rate lowered whilst going through application process and current rate not made clear. A complete ripoff. Not the best way to create a new bank!


    09 Sep 2014

  • Best deal around Lind35

    As always, very helpful,efficient and easy to deal with.I always prefer to speak to someone and there is always a friendly, helpful person at the end of the phone.It is very reassuring and gave me piece of mind.Thank you


    08 Sep 2014

  • Customer is not right Sleeper

    I operate a number of accounts with Aldermore. The products are fine but it is really disappointing and very inconvenient that they do not accommodate customers' requirements. I want monthly interest to be paid to a particular savings account held at my main bankers, NOT paid to my current account #the account set up for direct debits - a system I do not use as I pay by cheque# so that the entries are mixed up with my day to day income and expenditure entries. Aldermore should be a little more flexible and meet customer expectations.


    07 Sep 2014

  • suited my needs doddsie

    I had a few problems getting the money to you in time as you reduced the rate, but after a phone call you extended my time by 2 days, Thanks got it to you in time then.


    05 Sep 2014

  • cmpetetive,simple to join, carty

    I now have four 2year bonds. And I shop around QED


    05 Sep 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 3 Year

  • Very easy and just what I wanted Scatterbrain

    Upon ringing Aldermore and speaking to Frank who helped me in the right directgion and then all went smoothly


    19 Sep 2014

  • Easy to set up .Good communication throughout the process splink

    A good rate is always offered on the fixed rate bonds and they are easy to set up with the minimum of fuss.


    19 Sep 2014

  • Exactly what I wanted and very easy to implement. Smallinvestor

    I searched on a number of websites for a good interest rate and found Aldemore - who were new to me. The process for application was very easy and the information clear and comprehensive. Documents arrived promptly. I hope the other end of the process is as straightforward.


    19 Sep 2014

  • exactly what I was looking for Valian9

    From information given on how to open the account to follow up information once the account was opened the whole process was trouble free with no fuss or worry. Opening the account felt secure. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.


    18 Sep 2014

  • Great savings scheme dave1

    Excellent service from time of first contacting Aldermore staff for additional information. Nothing was too much trouble for the person I spoke to, He was most obliging and gave me the information I had requested. Email & text advice notices were sent out until we received a letter of confirmation on our account- Well done and many thanks.


    18 Sep 2014

  • Prompt and buisnesslike Dannie

    With disgusting interest rates currently generally available, I was looking around for anything even a little bit above average and found Aldermore. Was a bit unsure at first with unfamiliar name but, with protection of savings,decided to have a go. Currently, more than happy.


    18 Sep 2014

  • Best there was. HardupHarry

    In this dire market where NO-ONE offers a decent return on savings, Aldermore is the best available. I liked: They are a British company. Not one of the big boys -yet. Government guaranteed - without this I wouldn't have opened the account. They have a good web site. The account was easy to open. A three year fix is (hopefully) long enough for interest rates to recover and short enough not to lose out if they climb in the interim. There are not many three year bonds on the market. This made Aldermore more attractive. Aldermore seem to have a go-ahead philosophy which appeals, on paper at least.


    12 Sep 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 4 Year

(23 reviews)

  • fixed rate account mike041

    once I changed my password so I could get on line it was very easy to open a second account it was up and running in a couple of days, I will be opening more in the future and moving isas over in the near future. the service is first class when you ring up the staff are very helpful on the phone cant fault you well done and thank you


    12 Sep 2014

  • Consistent service Christoph22

    I now have 3 term deposits because of rate and service


    27 Aug 2014

  • Most straightforward, efficient Bank I have ever dealt with jimbo2

    This is the second account that I have opened in the last few months - The first account opening for so easy and quick that I began to think that it might have been a "one- off" - but no - 2nd account opening was the same - brilliant - why don't you run courses for the management of other banks to learn how it should be done !! - thanks again -


    19 Aug 2014

  • Very satisfied LincsLady

    I am very pleased with my choice, ease of completion good. Only just opened the account, but hopefully everything will run smoothly.


    19 Aug 2014

  • Competitive saving rates and really easy to deal with TFAdZ

    Competitive saving rates and really easy to deal with


    15 Aug 2014

  • Best service Opkar

    Compare to other financial institutions I found that dealing with Aldermore is very simple. Received quick and efficient response. 4year fixed rate very good and compatative compare to any other banks.


    05 Aug 2014

  • Easy to set up and no problems Tony48

    Excellent website account opened quickly and very quick to speak to them no waiting in a queue! Thank you


    26 Jul 2014

Reviews for Fixed Rate Savings Account 5 Year

  • clear and straightforwarg process Tabatha07

    Everything was clear and straightforward. Written confirmation of account opening arrived promptly. Would definately use again.


    20 Sep 2014

  • Excellent service as always. RetiredSaver

    Aldermore currently offer good rates of interest for savers and their on-line account opening is very easy to do and they are efficient. Keep up the good work Aldermore.


    16 Sep 2014

  • easy to open and competitive rate Col149

    Excellent opening of account, easy and straight forward. However, as I transferred directly from cleared bank funds, I expected the money to hit the account on the same day. The money was transferred on the 1st by debit card but was credited to the account on the 4th. I have written to Aldermore and am waiting for a reply.


    11 Sep 2014

  • Good ISA, but further info about it didn't get to me.dissapointed that Steve999

    When I took out 5yr FR ISA I was told that I may be able increase my contribution to 15K after July 1st, but that Aldermore policy about this had not been decided yet. I was overseas for much of Summer, but phoned early September to find out what the policy was. I was told that I could have made up the sum to 15K, but was now just too late. I was told that you had sent a letter to me about this, but this was never received. I am rather dissapointed that this opportunity has passed me by. This is the first time in my recollection that a letter from a financial institution has failed to reach me, so I will need some convincing that it was actually sent.


    11 Sep 2014

  • best safe investment with monthly income Jeannie1908

    Excellent efficiency with minimal bureaucracy coupled wuth best returns in class


    10 Sep 2014

  • best rate available for income Douggie78

    I found that the website was simple to navigate and the red tape involved was an absolute minimum compared to some of the larger, longer established banks. Identity checks were carried out behind the scenes without having to submit passports, driving licences and assorted bank statements tax assessments and utility bills with the risk of Royal Mail losing the lot.


    09 Sep 2014

  • Always meets my needs NigellnSurrey

    This is the 5th bond I have opened with Aldermore. Competitive rate when compared to other financial providers. As always the account opening process is simplicity in itself and everything works first time. Well done Aldermore!


    04 Sep 2014