Family Guarantee

Supporting those first steps. Looking for an opportunity to buy without raising a deposit? Our 100% Family Guarantee mortgage could be the solution for you.
Need to speak to us?

Need to speak to us?

Looking to buy without raising a deposit? Our Family Guarantee mortgages offer 100% loan-to-value to help you get on the property ladder, or simply move up.

What is Aldermore's Family Guarantee Mortgage?

For first or second time buyers struggling to get enough cash together for the deposit on their new home, a 100% mortgage could be a lifeline.

Aldermore's Family Guarantee Mortgage is designed for first or second steppers who have little or no deposit but do have a parent, step parent or grandparent able to provide a guarantee secured against their residential property.

Key benefits

  • Simple application process.
  • Available up to 100% Loan to Value (LTV), subject to guarantee.
  • No deposit - enables applicants with little or no deposit to purchase a property.
  • Guarantee - the loan is secured against the guarantor's residential property requiring no cash in the form of a gifted deposit.
  • The amount of the guarantee is capped.
  • A choice of mortgages with a fixed rate for 2, 3, or 5 years.

Please note: the minimum age for applicants is 21 years, and the maximum age of the guarantor is 70 at the end of the 10 year guarantee period. Applicants must be able to afford repayments on the full 100% advance and have a clean credit profile.

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Latest Rating and Reviews

Remortgage 2 Year Fixed Rate (70% LTV)

Amazing service

Aldermore were able to remortgage me to do an extension on my property. They were easy to work with and even waived the charges to get out of my initial mortgage with them saving thousands of pounds. I'd thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

25th January 2017 Scott83
2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (75% LTV)


I had nothing but problems with a financial advisor so I went direct to adlermore the service the honesty from the company 5 star made up after hearing bad reviews I was worried but having dealt with them just amazing the leading banks should take a leaf out of this company's book

24th January 2017 Mikeybtattoo
2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (80% LTV)

Great company for expertise

I already had a product from Aldermore so when I seen the home of our dreams we decided to see what Aldermore could do for us. We had expert advice on the best product that suited our income and outgoings, from application to completion we were kept updated on a daily basis! I can't think of any other bank that would do that! A very personal touch. Very happy

11th January 2017 Mrpat
3 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (70% LTV)

Very upsetting experience.

I wanted to buy a new house with a little more space and some character. I sold my house and found a house I liked I asked Aldermore for a new mortgage and they agreed. Then everything went horrobly wrong. Aldermore insisted I use their solicitors who turned out to be shockingly bad, I asked if I could change for better ones, they said no. The purchase of the new house should have takens 2 to 4 weeks, there is no chain and its effectively a vacant possession. Yet neary 3 months on there is no sign of it ever being completed and I am living out of my car. The whole experience has been horrifically expensive and one I would never wish to repeat. If I could go back in time and choose an alternative I would.

28th March 2016 RobG1234
2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (75% LTV)

Great service

The whole process was really simple! Great approach, really happy and pleased with service received. My mortgage advisor Francesca was fantastic and I definetly recommend her.

11th December 2015 Krzy