Fixed Rate Cash ISAs

Nothing beats knowing your savings are protected. Fixed Rate ISAs give you a great return thanks to our guaranteed interest rate and it’s tax-free too.

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'Winner' – ISA Provider of the Year Consumer
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Open a Fixed Rate Cash ISA with Aldermore Bank to get a great return. It’s easy, convenient and secure. Open an account, complete identity checks and move your money in minutes.

Fixed Rate Cash ISAs

Gross Annual Interest
Gross Monthly Interest
1 Year
Gross Annual Interest
Gross Monthly Interest
2 Year
Gross Annual Interest
Gross Monthly Interest
3 Year
Gross Annual Interest
Gross Monthly Interest
  • Peace of mind - tax-free interest rate, fixed for a set period and we will personally write to you before your account matures
  • Transparent - our competitive rates are not artificially inflated by bonuses or introductory offers
  • Maximise your tax-free allowance – easily transfer ISAs from other providers. We’ll process the transfer electronically if we can or we’ll provide an ISA Transfer Form for you to complete and return to us. Please ensure that any ISA Transfer Forms are returned within ten business days of opening the account
  • Fast and easy setup - open an account, complete identity checks and move your money in minutes
  • Open an account with just £1,000
  • Flexible - withdraw cash early if you need to (subject to interest deduction)
  • Easy to manage - do it online, by phone or by post
  • Great value - no fees or charges for day-to-day account services
  • From 1 July 2014, all ISAs have become New ISAs (NISAs) and your annual tax free allowance has increased to £15,000. You can save the whole allowance in cash or in stocks and shares, or a combination of the two. You can split your allowance between any of our Cash ISA products to make the most of the increase. This will be classed as one Cash ISA for the purposes of tax free allowances and HMRC reporting
  • Once you've made your opening deposit, you won't be able to make any more deposits.  You can transfer in an ISA held with another provider at account opening stage only. When sending the opening deposit by cheque, please ensure that any ISA transfer forms are returned at the same time. If the opening deposit is made by another method, please ensure that any ISA transfer forms are returned within ten business days
  • Early withdrawals will be subject to a deduction in interest
  • We guarantee to pay the interest rates shown (or the higher rates if we have increased them) provided that we receive your completed account opening form and initial deposit within ten business days. After this time, we will pay the prevailing rate on the day that we receive your application
  • You should keep at least £1,000 in your account at any one time (a gross interest rate of 0.50% will be paid on balances below this amount)
  • You simply need to be aged 18 years or over, resident in the UK and only liable to pay tax in the UK
  • The favourable tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future
  • To read the full terms and conditions please click here

Fees and charges

You won't have to pay any fees or charges, although there may be a small charge for non-standard services - check our tariff of charges for more details.

Managing your account with us is simple and straightforward - and we're always on hand to help if you've any questions. Here's how it works:

  • Once you've opened your account with us, we'll send you a welcome pack, usually within five business days, with all the details you'll need to manage your account
  • We'll write to you once a year (usually in April) with your statement and full account details
  • Want to check your account details and rates? Just login whenever you like
  • Contact us whenever you need to - either via our UK-based call centre on 0345 604 2678, or by emailing Click here for our opening hours
  • No need to worry about bonus rates dropping off. There are no hidden bonuses or introductory offers - just consistently competitive rates
  • When your account matures, we'll write to you personally with a simple, easy-to-understand guide to all your maturity options 
Tax Interest is paid gross (without tax taken off)
Minimum deposit £1,000
Maximum deposit 2014/2015 tax allowance - £15,000 (subject to HM Revenue & Customs rules). Transfers from another provider  - unlimited (subject to HM Revenue & Customs rules)
Minimum additional deposit No additional deposits permitted. You can transfer in an ISA held with another provider at account opening stage only.
Withdrawals Early withdrawals permitted subject to a deduction of interest:
1 Year - 120 days, 2 Year - 180 days, 3 Year - 180 days.
A gross interest rate of 0.50% will apply if the balance falls below £1,000.
Paying money in Direct Debit, Transfer from another provider, BACS, Cheque, Faster Payments, Standing Order, CHAPS
Number of account holders 1
How we calculate interest Interest calculated daily. Applied to your account monthly or annually
Payment of interest Paid to your account, another Aldermore easy access or notice account; to a UK bank or building society account in your name(s)
Account Maturity We will write to you a minimum of 21 calendar days before your account matures to explain your options. If we don't hear from you we will move your money into a 30 Day Notice Cash ISA.
How you operate your account Internet, Phone, Post


*AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

Latest Rating and Reviews

2 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

So simple, so quick!

I simply could not believe how swiftly and efficiently the whole process was handled. Compared to other service providers I have used, this is light years ahead.

8th December 2014 Bill999

2 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

Refused Account

After filling my details in on the website and received my welcome pack. I then received a letter refusing my application stating insufficient funds. I contacted your company to clarify the amount put on my application form and was refused these details, the account is now not open.

8th December 2014 touchy

2 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

Exemplary service

I opened the ISA online and wished to fund the account by transferring in previous years subscriptions. The process was very straight forward, I found the website easy to use and the transfer was completed within a week. Everything was confirmed promptly by post.

5th December 2014 Rob24

1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

first rate service

your staff are always helpful and polite. the paperwork is clear and strait excelent bank

5th December 2014 bumblebee

2 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

Aldermore's rates of interest are very competitive and taking out a cash ISA on the web was very straightforward

I looked for a cash ISA with a good rate of monthly interest, Aldermore ws the most attractive and i had used them before. Taking out the ISA on the web was very simple. I did not even have to write a cheque!

3rd December 2014 Atty

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