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Award-Winning Savings Accounts.
Enjoy some of the highest and most consistent interest rates on the market with no introductory rates or gimmicks.

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At Aldermore, we believe that saving should be as straightforward and as rewarding as possible. That's why we don't complicate things with gimmicks, bonuses or introductory offers you need to keep an eye on, just a promise of competitive rates and expert service.

Great news for savers.

The Personal Saving Allowance (PSA) has been introduced; giving savers a tax free allowance of up to £1,000 on the interest they earn on their non-ISA savings. Also, ISAs have become flexible giving you more freedom over managing your ISA savings. All of our Fixed Rate and Notice Cash ISAs are now Flexible ISAs.

Our Savings Accounts

Personal Savings

Fixed Rate Accounts
  • 4.6/5 (2926 reviews)

Protect your hard-earned savings from interest rate fluctuations with our fixed rate savings account. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly how much interest you'll earn.

Up to 2.00% AER*

Personal Savings

Easy Access Account
  • 4.7/5 (6 reviews)

Our Easy Access Account gives you a great rate as well as full flexibility - so you can withdraw cash or add to your funds whenever you like.

Up to 1.00% AER*

Personal Savings

Notice Accounts

Want a great interest rate with added flexibility? Our Notice Savings Account gives you exactly that.

Up to 1.05% AER*

*AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

Our Cash ISAs

Personal Savings

Fixed Rate Cash ISAs
  • 4.6/5 (1831 reviews)

Nothing beats knowing your savings are protected. Our Fixed Rate Cash ISAs give you a great return thanks to our guaranteed interest rate. All of the interest is tax free - it doesn't count towards your Personal Savings Allowance  - and all of our Fixed Rate Cash ISAs are flexible. 

Up to 1.40% AER*

Personal Savings

Notice Cash ISAs

With our Notice Cash ISA, you get a great interest rate while you build up your savings. You can still access your money if you need it and can make as many withdrawals as you like. All of the interest is tax free - it doesn’t count towards your Personal Savings Allowance - and all of our Notice Cash ISAs are flexible.

Up to 1.05% AER*

Personal Savings

Easy Access Help to Buy: ISA
  • 4.4/5 (9 reviews)

Take the first step towards owning your first home with our Help to Buy: ISA. Get a great rate and benefit from a Government bonus when you purchase your property

Up to 2.00% AER*

Latest Rating and Reviews

1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

Easy , Peasy

I needed to transfer a maturing ISA which would have had an abysmal rate of interest if left with existing funder. Aldermore's one year fixed rate ISA met my requirements having one of the better interest rates. I have other savings with them and have always found them helpful, courteous, and their website easy to negotiate. This time was no different. The process was quick and easy to carry out and their response flawless and efficient. I have no qualms in recommending 'Aldermore' or their products. Best regards,

27th June 2016 Tigerseye47
1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

Suited my needs

I used the funds of my maturing fixed rate bond to open up this years cash isa and found the process of doing this very easy as I completed it all on the telephone which was my preferred method.

25th June 2016 Hope12
2 Years Fixed Rate Account

Competitive rates and very straight forward setting up the account

Competitive rate and straight forward and quick to set up

23rd June 2016 Llegs
1 Year Fixed Rate Account

Easy to set up

I found the ease of setting up my new account very good. The website is easy to use and has good navigation. my funds were transferred successfully.

22nd June 2016 man59
2 Years Fixed Rate Account

Excellent service

Opening accounts has been easy on an easy to use website. I like the fact that the company is based in this country and can be contacted easily. Excellent.

21st June 2016