Customised Fixed Rate Account

A fixed rate of interest until the exact date that you want your money back. Choose any maturity from 60 days to 5 years from today to see the best rate that's available. 0.90% to 2.00% AER*

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You no longer have to leave your Business Savings languishing in a low interest account because you can't find a term that's right for you

undefinedWith our Customised Fixed Rate Business Savings Account, you can save on your terms - maximising the return on your savings with a fixed rate of interest until the exact date that you want your money back.

So don't pick an account that nearly fits, pick an account that really fits!

And you don't need to remember to withdraw your savings again at the end of the term - unless you tell us that you'd like to reinvest, we will automatically return your money to you on your chosen date.

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Not sure of your current interest rate?

If you want to check the interest rate you are currently earning on your Business Savings / Current Account held with someone else, use the ‘Compare your rate’ link below.

Customised Fixed Rate Account

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From 60 days to 5 years
0.90% to 2.00%
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Account balance after {{compareTerm}} months*

Including your initial balance
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Choice of fixed term from 60 days up to 5 years
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Choice of fixed term from 60 days up to 5 years
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Gross Annual Interest
Account balance after {{ compareTerm }} months* Including your initial balance
Gross Annual Interest
Account balance after {{compareTerm}} months* Including your initial balance
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Business Savings Rate Checker

Business Savings rate checkerWe've created a unique rate checking tool that holds details of business current accounts and savings products from over 90 banks and savings providers.

Simply search for the type of account you have and in a matter of seconds we'll give you your rate. Just use the 'Compare your rate' link above. It's as easy as that.

  • Maximise the return on your savings by earning a fixed rate of interest up to the exact date that you want your money back
  • Pick the maturity date and rate that works best for you
  • No need to remember to withdraw your money at the end of the term - we will automatically return it to you on your chosen maturity date
  • Competitive rates of interest with no tricks, bonuses or introductory offers to keep an eye on
  • Fast and simple account opening. Apply, complete identity checks and arrange to move money all online, leaving you free to focus on running your business
  • Once your first account is open, you can open additional accounts in only 2 minutes and create multiple fixed term accounts with maturity dates to meet your business needs
  • Available to UK businesses without the need to change your existing bank current account
  • Safe and secure online banking 24/7 - do it online anytime anywhere
  • UK-based expert telephone support - our UK-based customer service team are available at a time to suit you
  • Once you've opened your account, you have a 14 day cooling off period in which you can change your mind and we'll be happy to refund your savings. You can also add further deposits during this period. After this date, any additional deposits must be placed into a new Fixed Rate Account at the interest rate offered at the time
  • Easy to add or remove names or change user levels
  • Open an account with just £1,000
  • No fees or charges for day to day services
  • Savings held with Aldermore are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The protection limit within the scheme is £85,000 per business


Please read the Customised Fixed Rate Account Summary Box and the Business Savings Terms and Conditions before you open an account 

What you'll need to open your account in under 15 minutes ^:

  • Your business details (name, address and if you have one, your company registration number)
  • The sort code and account number for your business bank or building society account. The account must allow transfers to be made and received electronically and will be known as your nominated account. You can only transfer money into your Aldermore account from your nominated account or from an existing Aldermore Business Savings Account that allows transfers out.
  • A mobile telephone that can receive text messages. This is how Aldermore will send you your account password and without it you will be unable to log into your account
  • Internet access, as all of our business savings accounts are open and managed online
  • We do not provide accounts for client money or accounts to be held in trust


Fees and Charges

You won't have to pay any fees or charges, although there may be a small charge for non-standard services - check our tariff of charges for more detail

How Your Account Works
Managing your account is simple and straightforward and we're always on hand to help if you have any questions. Here's how it works.

Once you've opened your Business Savings Account with us we'll send you everything you need to make a deposit and operate your account.

You have 14 days to make your initial deposit and any further deposits you wish to make.

Your Nominated Account
Your nominated account is the UK business bank or building society account you register with us when you open your Aldermore account. You can only transfer money into your Aldermore account from your nominated account or from an existing Aldermore Business Savings Account that allows transfers out.

To transfer money from your nominated account, simply contact your bank or building society and ask them to transfer the amount you require (deposits can be made by Faster Payments, BACS, CHAPS or Standing Order).

You will need to provide your Aldermore Business Savings Account number (once you’ve opened your account, you’ll find this 8 digit number on the first screen in Internet Banking, under 'accounts'), Sort Code (23-33-43) and Beneficiary/Payee Name (your business name).

Interest is paid gross (without tax taken off) for all business types. For guidance about your tax liability, we would suggest consulting your tax adviser or the HM Revenue and Customs at

Change Your Password
You can change your password by logging in to your account with the details provided and selecting the Settings link.

Reset Your Password
If you've forgotten your password you can reset it in minutes. Simply go to the Internet Banking login page and select 'Reset password'.

Add and Remove Users
It's easy to add or remove names or change the user levels on your account by simply selecting the 'Manage Users' link.

Make Changes to Your Account
You can update or amend most information relating to your account online. We may ask you to send us supporting documentation by post or email once a change has been requested.

Your statement will be available via Internet banking as a PDF that you can both print and save.

View Account History
You can view transactions on your account right back to the time you opened the account, simply log in to your account and select the Account History.

On Maturity
Your account will mature on the date chosen by you and we'll contact you personally a few weeks earlier with a simple, easy to understand guide to your maturity options. We'd be delighted if you chose to reinvest, but if you choose not to we will automatically return your money to your nominated business bank account. This can take up to two business days.

Contact Us
Contact us whenever you need to via:
Our UK-based call centre on 01733 821 321. (We know you're not tied to your desk. So when you call us on your mobile we've made sure you can talk to us at a local and not a premium rate. Just another way we put you first.) We are open 8am-6.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

By emailing us at

^ We will let you know online how to fund your account. The majority of new customers are able to fund and use their account straightaway. If this is not the case, we will ask you for further information before you can activate and use your account.

*AER stands for annual equivalent rate and illustrates the interest rate if it was paid and compounded once each year.

Latest Rating and Reviews

Choose your maturity

Looking for interest on some money that we wasnt reciving anythign with our current bank

Aldermore offered a solution that was easy to setup online and all sorted and money transferred as easy as 123.

28th February 2017 Nathan110875
Choose your maturity

Buisness Savings Account Made Simple

All very easy and safe to use - 100% online so no fuss or hassle. Normal scenario of unused cashflow not doing anything so Aldermore offered the highest and safest rates for a 12 month period.

7th February 2017 Lexicon
Choose your maturity

Very simple to open an account and get at least a little interest!

My accountant suggested I look at Aldermore for my business cash reserves and it said it could be done in 15 minutes. I decided to put this really to the test, using my phone while sitting in a cafe to fill in the forms. I managed to get a customised quote and open the account just fine (though there were a few more questions than I expected so I would recommend using a larger screen!)

8th November 2016 jj9ray
Choose your maturity

Still a good rate

I needed to open 4 different accounts for differing durations up to 5 years. It was really easy to do and at least Aldermore still pay a decent rate.

24th August 2016 Alison26
Choose your maturity

So effortless

I've run a number of companies over the years and moved to the challenger banks after 1998. I've always been impressed with the speed at which Aldermore can get an account open .. in my experience (2 different account openings for 2 of my companies) it has been hours. I love the online KYB/KYC checks and it saves me the hassle of sending off documents etc which means more time spent on my businesses.

12th August 2016 TheNegotiator

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